Buying a Financial Advisory Practice

Elite Advisor Successions

Your key to accelerated business growth is through strategic acquisitions. We understand that finding the right financial advisory practice to acquire can be a challenging and time-consuming process. That’s why Elite Advisor Successions is here to offer the tools and expert advice needed to streamline the acquisition journey, making the process quick and highly rewarding.

Backed by Elite Consulting Partners, the nation’s largest financial services transition and business consulting firm, we bring unparalleled resources and expertise to your acquisition strategy. With 1.8 million outbound phone calls to qualified sellers, our direct contact with sellers nationwide gives you a competitive edge.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your acquisition journey is not just a transaction but a transformative step toward success. Experience the difference that strategic acquisitions can make in elevating your financial advisory practice to new heights.

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Pro-Active Search Program

Buyers to seller ratios are disproportionately high, but with our proven process we are able to get you in front of potential sellers before they get onto listing services. 

  • Ability to customize your territory by county through our enhanced concierge service 
  • Exclusive access to top Baron’s Top 100 advisor to facilitate deal structuring 
  • Opportunity to pursue practices before market place members and general public 
  • We can convey your individual value to potential sellers, while offering a third party perspective 
  • Access to one-on-one consulting designed to help members reach financial and business goals 
  • Front line access to sellers in your trade area 
  • Focused marketing campaigns 
  • Transactional support from beginning to end 
  • Personalized campaigns providing service and coaching