About Us

Frank LaRosa – Chief Executive Officer

Frank LaRosa, the visionary CEO of Elite Consulting Partners, stands at the forefront of the financial services industry, recognized for his expertise in delivering unparalleled consulting and transition services. With a deep understanding of the needs of financial advisors, Frank is an industry leader that has guided countless individuals along their journey towards success. Under his leadership, Elite Advisor Successions is revolutionizing the landscape of financial services, setting a new standard for success and growth in the industry.  

Brian Selfridge – Senior Vice President 

Brian Selfridge is a seasoned professional with extensive experience collaborating with influential decision makers in the financial services sector. As the driving force behind Elite’s Corporate Services Division, Brian has steered the implementation of retained recruiting services and lead generation service. Brian’s vision aligns with Elite Advisors Successions mission, empowering financial advisors to grow their practices through acquisitions as buyer or seller.  

Joseph Greco – Managing Director 

Joseph Greco’s succession planning knowledge extends to consulting with advisors that are seeking a clear path for succession planning. Joseph plays a pivotal role in guiding advisors through growth via mergers and acquisitions. Under Joseph’s leadership, Elite Advisor Successions is equipped to deliver outstanding results, connecting a growing number of sellers with prospective buyers.  Joseph started his career with Kuttin Wealth Management, the #1 practice at Ameriprise financial, where he held various positions within the practice, eventually working his way up to collaborate directly with the CEO and senior management team to drive organic and inorganic growth.  In his tenure with Kuttin Wealth Management, he sourced over 400M in organic opportunities and over 60M of AUM from CPA partners across the nation.  Today, Joseph acts as the managing director of Eilte Advisor Successions, helping advisors grow inorganically through mergers and acquisitions and helps consult with advisors looking for a clear path for their succession and a way to monetize their life’s work.

Garrett Taylor – Chief Acquisition Officer  

With an extensive background in the financial industry, Garrett has played a fundamental role in driving successful acquisition strategies throughout his career. Prior to his position at Elite Advisor Successions, Garrett founded Advisor Successions in 2012. Over the past three years, Advisors Successions has overseen the transitions of billions of dollars in AUM while Garrett’s personal practice, Coastline Wealth Management has also grown from $20 million AUM to $1.5 billion in AUM in less than 10 years. Garrett possesses a B.S. in Finance from Penn State University with a Certificate in Macroeconomics in Money and Banking. Along with his distinguished degrees, he has a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC) designation.