Elite Advisor Successions is a firm specializing in matching qualified buyers and sellers within the financial services industry interested in succession and growth opportunities.

When buying, selling, or transitioning a financial advisory practice it is vital to have professional support from a focused, specialized advisor in order to produce great outcomes.
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For Buyers

An acquisition is the quickest way to grow your business. Finding a business can be difficult and time consuming. Elite Advisor Successions offers the tools and advice necessary to make the process as quick and rewarding as possible.

For Sellers

Elite Advisor Successions can help by introducing you to an independent, third-party evaluation firm to determine the market value of your specific business.

Our Mission

Elite Advisor Successions mission is simple – help financial advisors grow through acquisition, protect their business with a succession plan, and manage the transition of their business through the right connection and service.

We Have Expertise
In The Main Areas

Elite Advisor Successions excels in delivering top-tier solutions to pair advisors with acquisition or succession prospects by  giving you the tools needed to obtain, bring together, look after, and transition your business.

About Us

Frank LaRosa
Chief Executive Officer

Frank LaRosa, the visionary CEO of Elite Consulting Partners, stands at the forefront of the financial services industry, recognized for his expertise in delivering unparalleled consulting and transition services. With a deep understanding of the needs of financial advisors, Frank is an industry leader that has guided countless individuals along their journey towards success. Under his leadership, Elite Advisor Successions is revolutionizing the landscape of financial services, setting a new standard for success and growth in the industry.

Brian Selfridge
Senior Vice President

Brian Selfridge is a seasoned professional with extensive experience collaborating with influential decision makers in the financial services sector. As the driving force behind Elite’s Corporate Services Division, Brian has steered the implementation of retained recruiting services and lead generation service. Brian’s vision aligns with Elite Advisors Successions mission, empowering financial advisors to grow their practices through acquisitions as buyer or seller.

Joseph Greco
Managing Director

Joseph Greco’s knowledge extends to consulting with advisors that are seeking a clear path for succession planning and monetizing their life’s work. Joseph plays a pivotal role in guiding advisors through growth via mergers and acquisitions. Under Joseph’s leadership, Elite Advisor Successions is equipped to deliver outstanding results, connecting a growing number of sellers with prospective buyers.

Consultation & Support

Many financial advisors have already identified a successor as well as a vision for what their succession plan should look like. However, many of these advisors often struggle with the execution of the plan. For most, this process will be a first time experience filled with emotion and bias. Utilizing a third party firm allows for objective advice to allow for a smooth transaction.